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Happy Anniversary Baby November 8, 2006

Posted by queenofnothing in Celebrate, Doubts, Good Times, Spouting Off.

I should be in bed right now. Today is the 21st wedding anniversary for the King and I. 21 years. Holy shit.  It’s been mostly good. I can’t complain. We’re very good at forgiving and compromising and that is so very important in a relationship.  The sex is toe-curling good, too.

Still, there are times I have my doubts that I married the right guy though. I don’t know where those come from.

You hear folks say, “I can’t imagine living without him/her.”  I can. Maybe that’s what scares me. I have no problem with having thoughts of what my life would be like without the King here.  Maybe that’s the practical side of me? I do love him, really I do.  I tell myself it’s because I want him, not need him.   Sometimes I think I chose too early, jumped the gun, should have “shopped around” a bit more, and I definitely let my self be pushed into walking down the aisle sooner than I wanted.  And I know I missed out on loving at least one guy that I so regret missing out on. (We’re still friends, btw, but I think it could have been sooooooo much more.)

Time to go wake the churrens and get them to school. Then it’s back home for nekkid day 😉  Oh yeah, toe-curling sex all day long.

I know your jealous 🙂