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December 25, 2006

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Marriaged folks stick together December 23, 2006

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Okay, so the princess wanted to start this family game night thing. She says we don’t spend enough time together as a family doing family things. Whatever. My family never did anything together when I was kid. I liked it that way personally.

So we’re all in the floor playing Life. The prince, 17, the princess, 14, the King and me. The prince is driving his little car along the board with his wife and 3 kids in the car and he just stops. We’re all “dude, what’s wrong?” He says: “My wife is stuck to my fingers” The King snorted his soda through his nose and the rest of us just burst out laughing.

OMG. How fabulous would it be to be stuck to the king’s finger. We had to hold the game for a good 10 minutes while we all just died laughing. I wuv my kids. They are fantabulous.

TGIF December 1, 2006

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Chinese for lunch  today

High school football quarter-final play-offs.

Fantastical performance last night. (dress rehearsal)

Weekend of dance

Giving Thanks November 23, 2006

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It wouldn’t be a major holiday with a holiday post. So like everyone else I guess I’ll make a little list of everything I’m thankful for.

Gotta start with family. With them anything is tolerable. I have a fabulous husband and great kids. They are all trustworthy, smart, intelligent smartasses, just like me.  Hubs cooks, cleans and runs out in the cold morning to get me a fountain soda just because he loves me.

Country: America is a great place to be. The government could use a little work but America is fabulous. Be whatever the hell you want to be. It’s within your reach, no one can tell you that you can’t and really mean it.

Health: Despite some minor little problems we’re all good. Nothing a pill or two each day won’t fix. Nothing that’s going to put us under any time soon.

Necessities: Gott’em all. Warm bed, food on the table. More than we need really. Wanna come over? Cause friends make the list complete.

Friends: Ones we’ve met and ones we haven’t met. That would be the twelve of you that stop by here every so often. Some of you I’m gonna meet one day. I have family living near several of you, it’s just a matter of scheduling.  I’m thankful for you all.

Ya’ll have a great day and stuff yourself like a Turkey 😉

#1 or #2? November 22, 2006

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Hey, if you read Busy Mom or some of the other blogs then you’ve heard about New Orleans Friend.  She gave me the recipe for muffaletas. I love her already.  Anyway, she was the first person to use the new Charmin Times Square restrooms and was interviewed by Fox News.

Go here, scroll down, click the vid link for Luxery Toilets.

Hi New Orleans Friend!  The southern belle in me is MORTIFIED that he asked you if you did #1 or #2.  He’s definetly no gentleman!

Cha-ching November 21, 2006

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Does the stores have the same sales on-line as they do in the store on the day after Thanksgiving? If my and my highspeed can elbow through on Friday morning it would sure beat standing out in the cold to get to the sales.

I was at Goodies today. I love Goodies. A friend gave me a coupon for $25.00 off and purchase over $100. Since they’ve already got nearly the whole store on sale I came out with $273 worth of regular priced items for $99.73! 2 pr of slacks, 2 shirts, a skirt suit, a purse. I’m loving it!!!!!

Now I just need somewhere to go so I can dress up a little. Anyone want to go to dinner?

Happy Anniversary Baby November 8, 2006

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I should be in bed right now. Today is the 21st wedding anniversary for the King and I. 21 years. Holy shit.  It’s been mostly good. I can’t complain. We’re very good at forgiving and compromising and that is so very important in a relationship.  The sex is toe-curling good, too.

Still, there are times I have my doubts that I married the right guy though. I don’t know where those come from.

You hear folks say, “I can’t imagine living without him/her.”  I can. Maybe that’s what scares me. I have no problem with having thoughts of what my life would be like without the King here.  Maybe that’s the practical side of me? I do love him, really I do.  I tell myself it’s because I want him, not need him.   Sometimes I think I chose too early, jumped the gun, should have “shopped around” a bit more, and I definitely let my self be pushed into walking down the aisle sooner than I wanted.  And I know I missed out on loving at least one guy that I so regret missing out on. (We’re still friends, btw, but I think it could have been sooooooo much more.)

Time to go wake the churrens and get them to school. Then it’s back home for nekkid day 😉  Oh yeah, toe-curling sex all day long.

I know your jealous 🙂