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Hey ya’ll. I’m a 40+ year old Southern woman going through her own personal midlife crisis. In the last 6 months, I’ve had my navel pierced, my nose pierced, and got a tat. I belly dance. I work full time. I’m a wife and mother. My kids are both teenagers and the greatest. I love good sex and good porn. I would like to have a lover. But damn who has the time? Not me. This site is mine, all mine. I don’t share it with anyone I know in real life. How the hell can I spout off about people that i know will read this? So no one knows. Not even the King.

I participate in Half-Nekkid Thursdays on a different site. No, I won’t tell you who I am but if you guess, then I’ll tell you if you’re right. I need that double anonymity thing going. There are people in my real life who read the HNT blog and I don’t want them bouncing over here to find out that I’ve ranted and raved about them.

Wanna email me: thequeenofnothing@gmail.com



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