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1-8-07 Bitching and ranting January 8, 2007

Posted by queenofnothing in Spouting Off.

I got nothing really important to say. Mostly I’m pissed at the king. See that? He doesn’t even get a capital k.

1. I do the research on the broken ass clogged-up vent pipes but does he believe a word I fucking say? NO! Does he do his own research? Hell NO. He’s just convinced the problem is something that it can’t even possible be.

2. I have come to the conclusion that he is more self-centered than I am. This is an argument from way back so I won’t go into a lot of detail. Mostly cause I’d be late for work if I did but if I have to get up 4 am, then I have to fucking be asleep by 10. I’d prefer 9:30. This DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN WAKE ME THE FUCK UP AT 11:30 WHEN YOU FINALLY DROP YOUR ASS IN THE BED!!

3. When I have to pull out the vibrator to get decent clit stimulation during sex, you can grin like an idiot all you want after I orgasm, it wasn’t you. It was the BOB. Hel-loooo!

4. Dammit, it’s time to go to work.



1. Tommy - January 12, 2007

Okay … it’s Friday now. Is everything better? I certainly hope so. As far as that little orgasm problem? Leave it to me babe. I got you covered.

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