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Weekend Posting November 25, 2006

Posted by queenofnothing in Whatever.

Well, I didn’t find black and I didn’t find silk.  I did find a nice plum/burgandy “fashion fabric” that I think will work.  My aqua silk veil that I ordered from ebay came in the mail along with my next Laurell Hamilton Vampire Slayer book.  Woohoo.

Today will be back to “normal” whatever the heck that is. I’ve got truckloads of laundry to do, I need to practice my choreo (the cool one with the veil and big silver bowl) and do the grocery shopping.  The girl has to be at the school at 3:30.  The football team made the Round 2 playoffs so they have a road trip today to that game.  She’ll probably be home sometime around 1 in the morning.

On Monday the carpet guy will come measure for our new flooring. Yay. I want my room back! NOW!

later internets.



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