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Stepping Out of My Circle November 11, 2006

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I will admit, quite freely, that I’m a selfish bitch.  I like things my way. I like the attention on me. But today I’ve got to step out of my universe and ask you to send happy thoughts, good karma, and loads of prayers to two of our fellow bloggers.

Let’s start with AT at Atomictumor. His beautiful beloved BJ, the love of his life, is in the hospital and has been since Nov 1 fighting a raging infection that’s left her in critical care.  The docs there don’t seem to know what’s caused it although they seem to have focused on a kidney infection.  I found AT through Busy Mom’s plea for prayers and good wishes and wish I found him long before this.  Go read. Hit the archives and start at Halloween, work your way forward and if you aren’t crying and praying by the second day then I reserve the right to call you a cold hearted bastard. Oh, and let AT know you’ve stopped by. He’s getting over 8000 hits a day and maybe 10 comments. Say something people!

Next up is Chickie over at Skittering Thoughts.   She’s got a real dating game style background going on over there with those big ol’ 70’s style daisies. I know you remember those.  Anyway, she lost a good friend this week and needs your good thoughts and prayers.  It tough when family passes but I think it’s even harder when it’s a friend.  Friend’s know EVERYTHING and can be more a part of you than family ever will be. Go visit and say something nice okay?



1. Chickie - November 21, 2006

Thanks for sending the good vibes. I think they helped 🙂

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