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Bah Humbug November 9, 2006

Posted by queenofnothing in Spouting Off, Whatever.

I’m am already sick and tired of Christmas. Remember when we were kids and there were 3 distinct holidays? Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas.  I hate this crap where the Christmas decorations get put out on the shelves even before Halloween. Our city had the big Happy Holidays sign out before Halloween this year. WTF.  This is ruining Christmas for me folks and I don’t know how to make it stop. By the time Christmas get here and it’s time to put  up the tree (December) I’m sick of looking at all the glitz and glitter and lights and trees and insipid little dust collectors and gift packs and “must haves.”  I know they do it to increase sales. But really they do not get more money from ME because they put shit out early. I won’t touch the crap until December 1 or at the earliest, the day after Thanksgiving.  I refuse to even look at it.  Part of the holiday “fun” is the running around buying, wrapping, attending parties, and trying to see just how much you can fit into the days between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.  Now it’s been dragged from Halloween to Christmas Day. New Years Day has almost become a non-event.  I hate this change. I don’t want this change. Where can I go hide from it?  I don’t think it’s better. I think it’s worse.

Screw you retailers. I refuse to buy anything with so much as a picture of a Christmas ribbon until the Friday after Thanksgiving. You can bite me and I’ll just keep my dollar.



1. AT - November 9, 2006

Oh DUDE, yeah, I’m totally with you. I was seeing x-mas stuff long before Halloween.
The past few years, we’ve enjoyed controlling Christmas, we do our shopping online, and head to the tree farm for the dead arboral symbol, and thats been nice.
Theres something insidious about them taking these things that mean so much to us when we’re children and molesting them to get us to buy their crap.
They’ve always been doing it, I think, but it gets more and more irritating.

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