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Monday Morning Randomness October 30, 2006

Posted by queenofnothing in Spouting Off.

Does anyone know how to get teenagers out of bed on the first try?  I’m sick and tired of going back and back and back again.

Is it terribly wrong that I get hopping mad when the troupe instructor doesn’t call to tell me that practice has been cancelled?

I paid 20 bucks for the swim team to wash my car yesterday. I think I was over medicated.

I still want to make love with that guy from college.

I love me some vampire stories.  For those of you reading the Anita Black series…. I’m up to Narcissus in Chains…. OMG. You will not believe…. never mind you’ll see.  TG thanks for mentioning this series on the Darkside. I’m loving every word!



1. Chickie - October 31, 2006

The Anita Blake series! I love them too!

2. Tommy - November 2, 2006

I am about to start on Burnt Offerings but I have a couple of other books to get through first. Plus I am putting off starting them because I burn through them so fast and then I’m just left wanting more … Kinda like the first sex of the night. Oh and for the teenagers? Ice water! Trust me.

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