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Flash back October 31, 2006

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I forgot to send in my Do Not Send card to my music club last month and am now the proud owner of… The Best of (wait for it)

The J. Geils Band! Holy Shit Batman!

Anyone else remember know the lyrics to Flamethrower and Piss on the Wall?


Monday Morning Randomness October 30, 2006

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Does anyone know how to get teenagers out of bed on the first try?  I’m sick and tired of going back and back and back again.

Is it terribly wrong that I get hopping mad when the troupe instructor doesn’t call to tell me that practice has been cancelled?

I paid 20 bucks for the swim team to wash my car yesterday. I think I was over medicated.

I still want to make love with that guy from college.

I love me some vampire stories.  For those of you reading the Anita Black series…. I’m up to Narcissus in Chains…. OMG. You will not believe…. never mind you’ll see.  TG thanks for mentioning this series on the Darkside. I’m loving every word!

One helluva week October 22, 2006

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I’m tired folks. So tired I can’t sleep.  Last week T and I drove to Knoxville to watch and participated in some fine belly dancing.  It was fabulous. But the schedule just about killed me.

Drive forever: There are signs all along the freeway that say “caution fog advisory.” We determined that fog was really an acronym for fucking old geezers. Would someone please tell those people in TN that one should not drive 65 miles an hour in the freaking fast lane. That’s for me. The bitch in the white van that doing 85. Get the hell out of my way.

So we get there, dump our stuff, go shopping (mama needed new shoes!) go out to eat, find the Shriner’s temple where this thing was held. It was right across the water from the Vol’s stadium. Thank goodness there wasn’t a game there or we would have been screwed.  Two hour belly dance show. FAB-U-LOUS!  Leave, ride around a bit looking stuff. Get scared that we’ll get lost and hit the interstate to find our way back to the crib.  Sleep. Wake up and head out before 9:30am for a belly dance workshop. 4 hours of getting our ass kicked by the fabulous Samara of New York.  Lunch. More ass kicking. I get sick… again.  More shopping, another long ass drive home.  We make it home around midnight.

Then up bright and early Monday morning for work.

Thursday night… high school football game. It’s midnight before I can pick the girl up from school… band stuff.

Friday, long ass drive to Atlanta for a useless doctor’s appt.

Saturday, another long ass drive to Atlanta for more bellydancing. Got home at 2am this morning. Sick again.

AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH.  I just want to rest. Not do laundry or buy groceries or any of that shit. Just sleep. and I can’t.

On The Road October 14, 2006

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I’m off to Knoxville to shake and shimmy with some fabulous fellow belly dancers.

Raq on, Y’all!

TMI October 12, 2006

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1. Have you used put anything edible on your partner’s body, and then eaten it? Oh yeah, cool whip, chocolate, champagne, caramel

2. Have you ever had an AIDS test due to reasonable suspicion or hyperactive imagination?  Yes but it was work related not sex related. And it was negative.

3. Have you ever fantasized about someone else other than your partner while you were engaged in sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation? Yes. I never think about the king when I masturbate.  I have a certain someone else that I think about when I’m on my own. 

4. Have you ever engaged in sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation while in a moving car? Yes 

A car being driven by someone not engaged in the sex, oral sex, or mutual masturbation? Nope.

5. Have you ever had sex so many times or for so long that one or both people involved runs dry? Yeah, but thank goodness for slippery stuff.

Hot Sexy of the Day October 11, 2006

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nekkid-chef.jpgWhip it, Whip it good. 🙂

I Hate Mondays October 9, 2006

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Dammit to hell! I hate it when people won’t let me do my job or give me a hard fucking time about doing my job.

If I call you, Dr. Bitch, and tell you that the labs on patient X are abnormal, don’t give me a very heavily coated sarcastic “well, you do know that I’m already treating for hypersanigrancaline.” Well, NO. I don’t know. I don’t care. If the labs are abnormal I’m gonna call you. It’s my job. It’s what I’ve been told to do. So suck it up and be f’king nice. Try saying “thanks for calling, I’m treating already and she has an appointment with the hypersanigrancaline specialist.” How fucking hard would that be? Huh? Just freaking try it sometime, okay?

Hot Time in the Queen’s House October 7, 2006

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I got a new clothes dryer today.  Hopefully, one that will get hot and get the clothes dry.

What? You thought I was talking about sex? Puh-leeze.

Weekend Introspective October 7, 2006

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I just came from the Darkside and want ya’ll to go back with me. Of course I’m talking about that hot, sexy, internet blog pal of mine, Tommy Gunn. He’s got a wonderful post that worth more than one read and some incredible photos (that he took his very own self) to go with it. What are you waiting on…. GO!

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