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Yo! September 25, 2006

Posted by queenofnothing in Spouting Off.

Well, my precious blog friends, it seems I have been neglecting your pretty little selves to embark on my own selfish endeavors.  You know those frivolous little jaunts of grocery shopping, laundry, raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Okay, let’s start over.  I’ve been sewing like a mad woman. I found some mo’fantabulous taffeta on a clearance table, 50% off I tell ya, and knew it would make a perfect cloak.  It’s a teal/purple irredescent. Look at it straight on, it’s teal. But tilt your head to the side and it magically changes to a fabulous purple with just a glimmer, a hint, a whisper of the teal.  Let me tell you friends, I am in love with this fabric.  All I have left to do is put the sleeves on and hem it up and VOILA! I’ll be an irredescent, shimmering, shimmier.

Speaking of shimmies. Saturday was the annual Shimmyathon to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I won’t tell you how very disappointed that none of the 5 people that read this blog didn’t donate not one single dollar.  No, I won’t say anything at all about how that link was left unclicked, and that fabulous address was not used to mail one single check to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  What I will tell you is that this woman you didn’t sponsor, took 2nd place at the Atlanta venue, shimmying her buns for 1 hour, 5 minutes, and a some seconds.  Now, don’t you wish you had sponsored me. I know you do. The site is still up, scroll down, find the link and help out with some great medical research, what do you say? I don’t have anything to give you but that warm fuzzy feeling to know that you’ve helped someone.

I was very afraid I would not be able to go. I woke last Wednesday to horrific lower back spasms.  I couldn’t sit, bend forward, tuck my pelvis under, and I could barely walk.  It didn’t hurt to stand… much and it once I could get on the floor, it didn’t hurt to lie down.  Muscle relaxers are fabulous little pills, let me tell you.  2 1/2 days of being knocked unconcious for most of the time and whatever little muscle was swollen to pinch on that little nerve that caused me to seize up was back to normal.

Today I have a vacation day from work. Yesterday was my birthday and I’m taking today off to celebrate and do all the things I didn’t do yesterday, like laundry and grocery shopping.  I didn’t do a damn thing yesterday, because it was my birthday and I didn’t want to do a damn thing. So there.  The week will be back to normal too soon and I’m really liking it being here at home.   Catch up to you later.



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