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I got to meet an AWARD WINNING novelist September 11, 2006

Posted by queenofnothing in Blogs I Visit.

Guess who I got to meet on Saturday!  Come on! Guess. Joshilyn Jackson.  That’s right. THE Joshilyn Jackson. And not only did I get to meet her… She signed my copies of gods in Alabama and Between, Georgia. Oh and I have to tell you, she is just the most sweetest and cutest woman on the face of this planet.  Bless her heart. She had been to Orlando the day before and got stuck at the airport for 10 hours. 10 HOURS!!! OMG. Come on!  How many of you would be nice and smiling and saying sweet things if you had been stuck at the airport for 10 HOURS and then got put in the BACK of the store.  Really Joshilyn I just don’t know what was wrong with those people sitting you down under the magazine rack like that.  Surely they could have set you up in one of those spaces with a nice comfy couch to sit on.  Yeah, yeah I know they want people to walk through the store and see all the pretty books and buy buy buy.   I wish I could have just hung around all day and been a Joshilyn Jackson groupie but I had other things to do and was running late. I hope I wasn’t too dorky. I get all tongue tied and wierd around famous people.



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