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More Nothing July 30, 2006

Posted by queenofnothing in Uncategorized.

Here I am to tell you that nothing’s going on around the queen’s palace and then to tell you all the stuff I’m doing.

Took the kids shopping again yesterday so they could finish spending the money I gave them for school clothes. The princess bought a pair of shoes and the prince bought a video game. Not with my money. He said he was done spending my money and gave it all back to me. I love me the little prince. The princess had 4 bucks left over and gave it back. She couldn’t find anything on the sale racks that interested her.

We had a open house dance party at the studio last night. I love getting all dressed up and going dancing. It’s great. I’m currently working on a new belly dance costume to wear. That will take up a good part of my time. It’s going to be fabulous. There’s nothing more I like than scrounging around the good will for clothes with sequins and shiny stuff and then bringing it home and cutting it up and making something new. Oh, yeah there is, the dancing in it. That is just the best. Love the dancing in it.

I’ll be going today to get my hair curled and set. Like the women used to back in the day but with a modern twist to it. The black girls at work are convinced I can’t make it last more than a day. HA, They don’t know me! Hell, if my momma could do I know I can damn well do it.

Going to do the damn laundry. Ugh. Gotta get most of it done before my hair appointment. 🙂  Later people.



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