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Barely Alive July 26, 2006

Posted by queenofnothing in Spouting Off.

Hey guys. I’m here working on day 3 of a major migraine headache with no prescription meds. Ugh. Last night was, I hope, the worst of it. I almost didn’t make it home. Nausea, blurry vision…. just doesn’t mix well with driving.

I’ve got some student shadowing me at work today. Gawd, I hate fucking shadows. They just get the hell in my way. Why can’t they go somewhere else. Oh, wait, my bleeding heart boss asks for them. What a bitch. I don’t see anyone shadowing her ass. Of course then someone might find out that she doesnt’ do any fuckin’ work.

The kids school shopping trip went fabulous on Saturday. I gave them each 200 bucks to buy clothes with and the boy bought jeans, shirts, and shoes. The girl got jeans, shirts, a dress, and shoes. I think they are pretty well broke now. School starts so damn early around here. The first Friday in August!!!  What the hell happened to starting after Labor Day. Does anyone do that anymore.

Okay, so let me go find some excedrin migraine, hit the shower, and go to work.

Ya’ll have a good day.  



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