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I Like’em Hot July 21, 2006

Posted by queenofnothing in Sex, Spouting Off.


OMG! I want these!!!!! 

Today was soooooooooooooo boring. I just wanted to pluck my damn eyeballs out. At least then there would have been some excitement. I swear if the work don’t pick up someone is gonna get laid off.  I’m suprised it hasn’t already happened.

The King is out mowing the yard and I’m here in front of my secret blog eating the best sandwich in world. A muffaletta. I love them! I don’t know what’s on them but they are just fabulous. I’ll probably be sick by the time it’s all eaten but I don’t fucking care. My tastebuds are thrilled.

I’m still having Firefox issues and having to work … well, surf… from IE.  Can’t someone help a girl out? What does it take? A picture of tits?



1. New Orleans Friend - November 18, 2006

I found you via Atomic Tumor, via Busy Mom. I am laughing at this stuff! The “hot dog” grillers are hilarious!
Being from New Orleans, the home of the muffaletta, I can not only tell you what is in it, but I’ll tell you how to make it! And I make a good one too!
1/2 lb sliced ham – simple ham – not brown sugar-honey-mesquite-smoked all in one flavor
1/4 lb pastrami – eye of the round is best
1/4 lb hard salami
1/4 lb cotto salami
1/4 lb provolone
1/4 lb swiss
a bunch of olive salad (comes in a jar)
one round seeded italian loaf.
cut bread in half. load all ingredients onto bread. put cheeses and olive salad on one side and meat on the other. heat the meat side first for awile, then heat the cheese side. close, cut and eat til you can’t eat no more! (that would be when it’s all gone!)
Man, now I want one…!

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