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Oh hell, it’s Monday July 10, 2006

Posted by queenofnothing in Spouting Off.

All damn day long.  First off, Aunt Flo drops in. No preamble like she usually gives. Just a “hello chick, here I am.” Fine! But she better be gone in 4 days, you hear me.

I was slamming busy at work this afternoon. Not so much this morning. If I have to be at work, then I want to work. I don’t want time to see and file my nails, you know. I hate that. But that’s pretty much all I did this morning. It takes me all of about 20 minutes to do all the really important stuff and then I just have to drag everything else out to pass the time. Good grief, where’s all the sick, snotty-nosed kids when you want them.

Dance tonight was steaming. Really. No air conditioner. We danced in an 85-degree F studio.  Not bad if we were doing that sweat your fat off yoga shit but this is NOT what we were doing. It was fun anyway. I was the only one there for the first 2 hours so we just danced to whatever we wanted.

Now I’m home and need a shower but wanted to give you all a little sweaty love first. Ain’t ya happy now?



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