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Hot damn it’s Friday July 7, 2006

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What a freakin’ week this has been. Not that it’s been bad, just long. Looooooooooong. Never ending. With not nearly enough dance. The studio was closed Monday and Tuesday for the holiday so that just left Wednesday and Thursday.

S is a good dancer for a male. He does his part very well, (which is to make us look feminine and fabulous)but he’s more damn moody than any woman and if he’s being all pissy, he’s a crappy instructor so Wednesday night class was shit. Last night we had T and she just loves to dance, loves it. You can see it when she talks and when she dances. And I love how she’ll catch your eye in the mirror and blow kisses or make a campy little face at ya.  She makes it fun, which is what it should be.

I have the opportunity to dance on Thursday nights at a Latino club. I wanna go sooooo bad I just can’t stand it but it’s from 11PM until. I have to be at work the next morning. Arrrrrggggh. The hubs will NOT go with me as bodyguard but I may ask my neighbor dude if he wants the job. He thinks I’m hot! 

Later peeps



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