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What a day July 4, 2006

Posted by queenofnothing in Spouting Off.

Busy as the proverbial bee and actually got some shit done! Yeah, I love a day like that.

I woke daGirl up really really early this morning. 8:00!!! OMG. You would have thought the damn earth was gonna spin off it’s axis. She wanted to go to the local Asian market to get some Miso pastry and some ramune soda. It was closed. Bwah. But we did manage to get by the Hell-Mart and get some Pocky for her and some shit for me. What did I get????  Shit I can’t remember. Corn chips for the dip… elastic for a choli… whatever. doesn’t matter. I took her to Tar-jhay to get some bindis that she wanted. Then we stopped at the Beauty supply store to get a head for my wig, a wig cap and some rocking new falsies! Eyelashes dudes. Eyelashes. Do you think I’d buy tittie stickers with my kids around? Come on. I’m not that much of a hoochi mamma.  I came home and fixed myself a big ass 32 oz pina coloda.  Blended virgin so the kids could have their sugar rush and added a big ol splash of rum to mine. I need to hide that so daBoy doesn’t get into it. He joked that he was going to but I know how curious those teenagers can be. Hell I was one a long long long ass time ago. But I haven’t yet forgotten. For the record: that was me sitting in the bleachers during PE class drinking whiskey and coke, yes it was.  Let’s see after that I committed murder to a bunch of little pissants that think they can take over my house, did a little dancing, and crafted anew dance skirt/belt. It’s rockin’!  Except the skirt that i want to wear it with now is falling off my damn hips.  Not that I’m complaining mind you but I don’t want to be dancing along and have my skirt around my ankles.  My body’s not good enough that I’d get really good tips if that happened! In fact the only tip I’d probably get a “hey bitch, put your clothes back on.”

I’m off to the shower. Anyone want to join me? I’ve got some reading to do and need to wake up and hit the gym tomorrow.  Tomorrow’s schedule: Gym/Work/Dance/Sleep



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