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Ink me, baby June 28, 2006

Posted by queenofnothing in Spouting Off.

I’m thinking about getting a tat. I’ve got a design. It’s a tribal style heart with our initials in it. If you don’t know they are there it just looks like a bunch of squiggles.  It’s the love of my life and my kids, so if I’m ever going to get a tat it’s going to be one that means something.

But here’s the kicker. I’m a coward. Real chickenshit. I don’t like pain.  And I’m told this shit hurts.

The hubs doesn’t seem to care one way or another. Which can be good and bad but when I’m on the fence I need someone to help sway me one way or the other.

I have a friend, a very good friend that hates tats. So I’ve emailed him to see what he will say. Yeah, I think I’m looking for someone to talk me out of it.

I wish I could just make temporary tats so then I could wear it only when I dance. It really is very cool.

So what do ya’ll think?



1. Shhhh - June 28, 2006

My wife’s tat is one of many details I love about her.

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