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25 Sexual Things About The Queen June 25, 2006

Posted by queenofnothing in Sex.

1. I love hard, fast sex. I also love soft, easy sex.
2. I love to give oral sex but only if I'm on my knees. Sucking cock makes me so incredibly wet. I'm told by the King that I am a very talented cocksucker. (I would like to know who he's comparing me to though.)

3. I love to receive oral sex.

4. Kissing is one of my favorite pasttimes.

5. My breasts and mouth are the hot-line to my pussy.

6. I have mini-orgasms just from having my nipples sucked.

7. I don't fantasize about men (or women) when I masturbate.

8. I like to be totally naked.

9. I'm more sexual now that I'm in my 40s than I was in my 20s.

10. That spot behind my ear, give it lots and lots of attention.

11. I love to be on top so my nipples can be sucked while I ride.

12. I like it doggy style, hard and deep.

13. I like anal.

14. Making this list makes me very horny.

15. I have had sex: under the stars, in a pool, in a tub, in a shower, in a car, in a truck, in a van, at work, on a ship, on a table, couch, chair, rocker, recliner, washing machine, counter top.

16. I love a quickie.

17. I sleep better after sex.

18. Waking up with sore lips and a couple of bruises is the best way to wake up.

19. I love to scream during orgasms.

20. I can turn any conversation sexual.

21. I read both Playgirl and Playboy.

22. I was date raped when I was 16, back in the day before date rape was considered a real crime. I thought I loved the asshole.

23. I love to flirt. I love to see that look in a man's eye when he realizes that someone finds him attractive and is "OMG flirting with me." It's much more fun if the man is an "average Joe" rather than some dude who thinks he's god gift to women.

24. I thing cocks and balls are beautiful. True works of art.

25. I don't think length matters. 



1. Shhhh - June 28, 2006

Everything about that list moves me. I think I’ll go offer my wife a backrub now. 😉

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